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How Does An Underground Dog Fence Work?

In case you have ever heard the calling of your family dog around the neighborhood while driving, you must have considered the pet containment systems. There could be several reasons for using pet containment systems like reproductive issues, health, laws related to leasing, good old neighborly courtesy of housing covenants.

Of course, there are several options available like chain link fences, wooden, rail, but there’s one popular alternative readily available in the underground dog fence, invisible dog fence. Let’s find out how underground dog fences work.

How Does It Work?

The idea behind all the underground pet fences, irrespective of the manufacturers, remains the same. In all the systems available in the market, the transmitter uses the buried loop of wire to transmit a radio signal. The signal sent is usually very simple in a sine wave, or it can be two sine waves combined at different powers. The buried wire works as an antenna, and it mainly converts the signal into electromagnetic waves.

The transmitter used does not consume much power, and this is the reason the wire has a small range – that usually ranges between 10-15 feet. In some cases, the wire has two signals running through it – one set at lower power and the other one at higher power. In these mechanisms, the collar fixed with the dog can sense different distances from the wire to offer different levels of alteration.

There is a small radio receiver installed in the collar, which is quite similar to the battery-powered AM radio available at any discounted store. Whenever the radio is in close proximity to the buried wire, it receives the signal that the wire transmits. The radio then sends a correction, and this alerts the dog that the boundary is near.

The underground or invisible fence installed around the perimeter of the yard loops back to the transmitter that is plugged in a dry and safe location. In order to eliminate the possibility of blow-ups, it is suggested to install a lightning rod near the transmitter. If required, one can look for the sample layout of the looping in the packaging box or online portals. It is the transmitter that mainly controls how wide the electric field is from the installed wire.

Why Go Invisible?

One of the biggest reasons to choose an invisible dog fence is its portability and the minimum effort one needs to install the overall system. Going wireless is also great for the first-time or novice users as it gives ease of use. Installation of an underground dog fence ensures much-needed freedom for your faithful furry companion and allows for off-leash exercise while being sage inside the boundary zone.

Works for Every Dog Almost

Underground or invisible fencing is compatible with almost all kinds of dogs. The only criteria is that the dog should weigh at least 4 pounds. In case the dog is too small, it gets difficult to support the weight of the collar.

The puppies must be 8 weeks old before getting used to the underground fence and must learn some basic commands to learn the fencing training. Most of the dogs respect the fence once they learn to establish a connection while crossing the boundary and then getting a correction.

Words of Caution

Though underground dog fences are extremely useful, there are situations when this mechanism does not work. Let’s know about them.

  • Underground fence does keep the pets inside the yard, but it will not keep other pets out. If you have a female dog or other dogs in your locality roaming freely or like to fight, having an underground fence is not the right option for you.
  • An underground fence is not compatible with an untrained dog. It is important to train your dog if you want to use it. If you have a wild per, then sorry, but you must not invest in it.
  • These fences are not capable of protecting the pet without power. If the power failure is common in your locality, you must try for products that come with battery-backed-installed in the transmitter.

Every product has both pros and cons, and it depends on the user how to make the most of it. Check the maintenance tips to get the best results while using it. You can also share your own ideas regarding your experiences with the underground dog below in the comment section. To get more information on underground pet fences, keep following the post at regular intervals of time.